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Dazzling December Birthstones

turquoise, tanzanite, and zirconDecember has beautiful blues to the third power with three varieties of WOW when it comes to wonderfully wearable birthstones.  Tanzanite, turquoise and zircon all enjoy the title of birthstone for December and they all enjoy their own unique beauty.  Hemming Plaza Jewelers is your home for one-of-a-kind pieces and we can help you create the look you love with any of these gorgeous gems!


Tanzanite is the blue variety of Zoisite, and was only first discovered 50 years ago exclusively in a small region in Tanzania, its only known source and hence it’s namesake.  It has risen in popularity steadily since it was first discovered, and its limited supply keeps it high on the sought after list of gems.


Turquoise has been a fixture in jewelry for millennia, from ancient Egypt to the native Americans and even today, the beautiful blue hues that turquoise is known for is so synonymous with it’s color that anything that resembles its distinct color is referred to as turquoise.


Zircon is the most ancient mineral on Earth, going back billions of years!  Zircon has a long and storied history, surviving the rise and fall of every dynasty and civilization in human history, and finding a home in a wide variety of cultures throughout time.  Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, the zircon survives to this day as a beautiful birthstone gem.


You don’t need a birthday in December to enjoy any of these beautiful blue beauties!  Come in and visit Hemming Plaza Jewelers and let our master craftsmen create something amazing for you today!  We have plenty of options available to turn your tanzanite, turquoise or zircon dreams into reality.  Top quality work and first rate service is what Hemming Plaza Jewelers are here to provide you!  Come downtown and see us today!

December Birthstones

If you like blue, you’re in luck.  December has 3 birthstones associated with it, all of which are absolutely stunning.

Tanzanite, as its name implies, was originally discovered in Tanzania.  An early substitute for the more expensive sapphire, tanzanite has come into its own in recent years to possess a beauty all its own.  Though far less common, those stones with a bit of violet color accenting the deep blue are more treasured among tanzanite enthusiasts.

The second of the December birthstones is zircon.  Though its etymology suggests Arabic origins, it comes largely from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  Most people are probably familiar with the colorless variant of zircon which was used as an inexpensive substitute for diamonds, but zircon is found in every color of the rainbow.  As folklore would have it, zircon also has the unique ability to ward off disease and injury.

Lastly, there is turquoise.  Cherished in the American Southwest and often found adorning bracelets and necklaces, turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones.  Although it is known for it’s pale blue color, it can also appear greenish blue as well.  Turquoise is a more plentiful gemstone and can be found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.