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Who Knew?! Earrings And Little Plastic Discs.


A Twitter user is burning up the internet with the astonishing news that the little plastic discs on the back of inexpensive earrings can be – wait for it – removed. “After my nineteen years of living I have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off,” she reported breathlessly, and nearly 40,000 people have shared the news. “But not everyone was on the same page,” reports Woman’s Day, among several media outlets that have picked up on the issue. “Apparently the plastic part keeps the earring in place, especially if it’s one that tends to tip forward and is a little heavier than regular studs.” Indeed, some sources maintain that the discs not only hold the earrings in place nut can also prevent droopy lobes.


Three Trends

From instoremag.com:


Ask any retailer and they’ll exclaim that blue is the all-time bestselling gemstone color. For the benefit of those who haven’t gotten around to the trend report in this month’s INDESIGN, I’ll clue you in that turquoise is the variation on the color that’s getting the most attention lately. It’s a stone that’s usually thought of as a favorite of patchouli-wearing bohemians, but it’s appearing in jewelry of every discernable style, from hippie inflected to vintage-inspired, and in collections that haven’t used the stone much in the past. For stores that want to feature the stone, but with a shimmering effect, look for doublets made with turquoise.


Long Necks

By now, no one needs to repeat the refrain that the 1970s is the decade that’s most influential on the fashion front. With fashion designers looking back four decades for inspiration, plunging necklines are becoming just as popular as they were during the days of disco. Look for jewelry that complements the newly exposed swathe of skin. Lariats, y-necklaces and tiered pieces that rest on naked sternums will be plentiful at the Vegas shows, and they’re easier to wear than structured collar necklaces.


Linked In

No category of jewelry is more enduring than pieces featuring links. Customers are gravitating to jewelry with the classic elements because they’re easy to wear and are workhorses in a jewelry wardrobe. In bracelets and necklaces, they’re updated with unusual shapes and accents like touches of gemstones. But look for them to appear in pieces that less commonly use link elements, like earrings and rings, too.