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21st Century Style Sees Men Wearing More Jewelry

From the New York Post:

Rich and famous men have long been fond of flaunting small flashes of jewelry. A Rolex here, a ring there (a gold chain if you were in Miami). But fashion-savvy guys in Hollywood are now seriously stepping up their game — sporting delicate pieces, layering up, and co-opting styling techniques from the ladies.

“I think a confident man can step out in [jewelry] that fits his sense of style in a way that is unique, fashionable and masculine,” says Greg Kwiat, CEO of Fred Leighton, the renowned red-carpet jeweler. “Johnny Depp is a great example. For years he’s been very comfortable wearing all sorts of jewelry — big rings, long medallion necklaces, brooches.”

Indeed, Depp is a seasoned pro at the piled-on approach that’s coached on women’s-style blogs. And last March, he began flashing a diamond bauble that he’d originally purchased for his then-fiancée, Amber Heard: “I have a female engagement ring,” Depp told David Letterman. “It was too big for my girl.”

But Depp is no lone ranger in the realm of dude adornment. Pharrell Williams, the CFDA’s 2015 Fashion Icon Award winner, pairs tees with custom, ladies-who-lunch Chanel necklaces; Harry Styles, who nabbed his own style prize at the British Fashion Awards in 2013, is seldom snapped without heaps of Saint Laurent trinkets around his neck, fingers and wrists; and at the Oscars this year, no fewer than five A-list men garnished their lapels with brooches, including Jared Leto and Common, who both wore Fred Leighton.

“Common wore the brooch in a way that was completely masculine and interesting from a style perspective,” Kwiat says of the hip-hop star’s 19th century, sapphire-and-diamond clover-shaped piece.

“When you’re a man dressing for the red carpet you have a more-limited amount of choices than the women who walk the same red carpet,” he adds. “For someone who is interested in style and fashion and wants to make that statement of individuality — going beyond the tux and actually wearing a small brooch as a lapel pin is cool, it’s current, it’s fun.”

For A Mother’s Day She’ll Never Forget

Mother’s Day has been an official holiday here in the United States for over 100 years.  It started with Anna Jarvis and her 500 carnations in 1908 and quickly grew to become the global celebration we know today.  All over the world, mothers are recognized and celebrated in annual fetes and showered with gifts and adoration.

Here in the United States, the annual tradition generally involves taking mom out for dinner and presenting her with a card telling her just how exquisite she is in a way that is often more poetic than your own creative process would ever allow you to be.  And while mom is sure to be appreciative of any celebration in her honor, only doing it once a year isn’t really celebrating her, it’s remembering her.

This year, do your mom a favor by presenting her with more than a token nod to her many years of love and patience.  Find her something that is as timeless as her love and affection for you is.  Hemming Plaza Jewelers is the place to discover that special something for the one-of-a-kind woman who has helped shape you into the person she is always so proudly telling everyone she runs into about.  We have a vast palette of visually stunning pieces to choose from.  Come in and find her something that will match perfectly with the smile she gets on her face every time she sees yours.  Earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings, whichever of these are her favorite things, we’ve got it here in the store.

There is just no excuse not to make the extra effort this year to get your mother something that will celebrate her all year long.  You can still take her out for a nice dinner, and you can still get her a really sweet card, but if you get her a treasure from Hemming Plaza Jewelers this year, she’ll have something she can show off to all those people…and chances are because it came from you, she’ll have it for the rest of her life.