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Garnet – January’s Birthstone

garnet - january birthstone at hemming plaza jewelersDating back to the Bronze Age, the garnet has represented power, passion, as well as loyalty. This unique gemstone has adorned the necks of ancient pharaohs, found amidst the jewels of Roman superiors, and has even been a key healing property within early Chinese medicine.

Durability and Color

The garnet is said to be one of the most durable jewels, being able to hold its shape while spending centuries in tombs dating back to 3000 B.C. Garnets are exclusive in the fact that they include a number of different minerals, so its appearance can vary immensely. Although the Garnet is often associated with the color red, this irreplaceable gem can be found in a variety of colors ranging from a yellowish green to a vibrant orange. The gems founding location is often the key to what determines garnets rare coloration.

A Brief History

In 1912, an official list of birthstones was released with Garnet being chosen for the month of January. Even though it was not until the 20th century that this list was announced, experts believe that birthstones can be dated back to early biblical times.

Gem Qualities

With January being the official start of the New Year, it would only be proper to assign this month a jewel that symbolizes peace, prosperity and good health. It is believed that Garnet has the ability to provide its wearer with a sense of happiness, generosity and purpose. If you were born in the month January, you are lucky enough to call the Garnet your unique birthstone!

The 4 C’s

4 C's of diamondsWith Valentine’s Day just a turn of the calendar page away, it’s time for your friends at Hemming Plaza Jewelers to start giving some not so subtle tips on finding the perfect engagement ring for your true love!  We’ll cover the 4 C’s this go round, telling you what they mean and what to look for so you know just what to ask when you come by the shop and make your pick!


Traditionally, the less color a diamond has, the higher the demand for that particular stone.  Diamonds that are rated as “colorless” tend to be more expensive and rarer than a similar cut and weight stone that has yellow or brown coloration.  While most people opt for the traditional style, diamonds of different hues (aka fancy diamonds) are also popular choices.


Anyone searching for the engagement ring of their dreams wants it to be a real sparkler.  The way a diamond is cut can greatly enhance (or diminish) the look of a particular stone or setting.  The sparkle and brilliant shine that make others envy your engagement ring is due in large part to how well the stone has been cut.


If you have heard of this C before, it refers to the purity of the diamond’s make-up.  Diamonds that are considered “flawless” have no blemishes, scratches, or other visible “inclusions”. These diamonds are considered rare, and will often be priced as such.  While this C is important, it pales in comparison to the importance placed on the final C….

Carat Weight

This is the big one for most people….literally.  Carat weight is the “C” that most people know about before they try to shop for an engagement ring, but it doesn’t stand alone in importance when it comes to making your choice.  Bigger isn’t always better.  A huge rock with a bad cut and poor clarity won’t gleam as beautifully as a smaller, better quality stone.

This is a good primer to help you get started on the path to a happy engagement attempt, but there is more to a great engagement ring that knowing about the 4 C’s.  This is where the your trusted friends at Hemming Plaza Jewelers can assist you on your quest!  Come to the shop, browse our beautiful, massive selection of engagement rings, or have us create you a one-of-a-kind heirloom that can be truly treasured for years to come!

Pearls, Chain Drop Earrings, and Brooches

pearls, brooches, and chain drop earringsAs we head into 2018, Hemming Plaza Jewelers has chosen a few jewelry trends that will help you make a statement with your style for the new year!  Phenomenal pricing, a huge selection and all right in the heart of downtown Jacksonville!  Here are some of the hottest trends headed your way for the new year!

Pearls are still powerful.

Does the stoic beauty of pearls ever really go out of style?  Nope.  From the traditional string of delicate spheres to the asymmetrical charm of the Baroque variety, pearls are once again a staple of sophistication in accessorization for 2018.  Come by the shop downtown and find the perfect style to accentuate your look for the new year, and for years to come!

Chain drop earrings are universally chic.

Whether you’re going to New York, Paris, Milan or anywhere in between, chain drop earrings are a flattering choice for one and all.  Gold, silver or platinum, with or without gemstones these little (or big) danglers put you in a prime position to be the star on the red carpet or on the runway.  Let your style run wild in 2018!

Brooches are BACK!

Style is cyclical, and if you’re into brooches, then 2018 is your year to shine brightly!  Big, beautiful brooches are making a comeback thanks in no small part to the unique style sensibilities of the millennial generation.  Whether it’s pinned to a vintage members only jacket or adorning a stylish chapeau, the brooch has made itself known as a contender for 2018’s most boastful beauty accessory.

Don’t wait for spring to arrive to get your new year style on.  Come into Hemming Plaza Jewelers today and start putting together your signature look with our sizable selection of pearls, earrings, brooches and much, much more!  Get downtown and make your look your own today!

Dazzling December Birthstones

turquoise, tanzanite, and zirconDecember has beautiful blues to the third power with three varieties of WOW when it comes to wonderfully wearable birthstones.  Tanzanite, turquoise and zircon all enjoy the title of birthstone for December and they all enjoy their own unique beauty.  Hemming Plaza Jewelers is your home for one-of-a-kind pieces and we can help you create the look you love with any of these gorgeous gems!


Tanzanite is the blue variety of Zoisite, and was only first discovered 50 years ago exclusively in a small region in Tanzania, its only known source and hence it’s namesake.  It has risen in popularity steadily since it was first discovered, and its limited supply keeps it high on the sought after list of gems.


Turquoise has been a fixture in jewelry for millennia, from ancient Egypt to the native Americans and even today, the beautiful blue hues that turquoise is known for is so synonymous with it’s color that anything that resembles its distinct color is referred to as turquoise.


Zircon is the most ancient mineral on Earth, going back billions of years!  Zircon has a long and storied history, surviving the rise and fall of every dynasty and civilization in human history, and finding a home in a wide variety of cultures throughout time.  Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, the zircon survives to this day as a beautiful birthstone gem.


You don’t need a birthday in December to enjoy any of these beautiful blue beauties!  Come in and visit Hemming Plaza Jewelers and let our master craftsmen create something amazing for you today!  We have plenty of options available to turn your tanzanite, turquoise or zircon dreams into reality.  Top quality work and first rate service is what Hemming Plaza Jewelers are here to provide you!  Come downtown and see us today!

What To Get That Special Someone

The holiday season is fast approaching and once again Hemming Plaza Jewelers is here to help you bring home the best gifts for the ones you love this year!  We’ve got an incredible selection in the shop, and we can help you decide on just the right piece to make the statement you need it to.

Put A Ring On It

If you are looking for a ring, we have so many combinations of stones, settings and styles available we could put a ring on the fingers of every one of Santa’s elves and never have to use the same one twice!  !If we don’t have the perfect ring for you in stock, we can create a custom piece for you in-house as well!  Our combination of traditional jewelry making techniques and 21st century technology allow us to create the ring of your actual dreams.

Tempus Fugit

Perhaps a timeless timepiece is more to your tastes?  Hemming Plaza Jewelers has watches from some of the finest watchmakers in the world right here in our shop.  Beautiful new and vintage pieces from Bulova, Invicta, Citizens, Breitling, Omega, Rolex and more!  We have full watch repair services as well, so even if you already have a watch you love but it lacks a little of it’s classic luster, bring it into us here at the shop and we can getting it running smoothly and looking as smooth as it ever did!

The Whole Kit And Caboodle

Hemming Plaza Jewelers has more than just rings and watches.  We’ve also got cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, and so much more we can’t even list it all here or you may be reading this blog until next holiday season!  If you would like to see some true works of wearable art in person, then please come to the shop at Hemming Plaza and see for yourself why we love our job so much!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Citrine and Topaz

Twin Gemstones

If November is your birth month, you are lucky enough to have a pair of beautiful gems to call your birthstones.  Topaz and citrine have both been revered for their warm, calming energies for centuries by many cultures, and are recognized to bring peace and good fortune to those who wear them.  Both topaz and citrine have versions that look so similar that they could be mistaken for each other.  While citrine tends to stay in the yellow-orange spectrum, topaz can be found in a variety of bright colors.  Let Hemming Plaza Jewelers give you a little rundown on these sister stones of November.

A Soothing Sign of Wealth

First let’s learn a little more about citrine.  As you may have guessed by the name, citrine is primarily found in colors ranging from pale yellow to an orangish brown, like a variety of citrus fruits.  It has been used across time and various cultures as a soothing, calming stone that was also seen as a sign of wealth.  The popularity of citrine soared when it was discovered that heating less expensive amethyst and smoky quartz to reproduce the honey gold tones and made citrine an inexpensive option for beautiful jewelry from rings to cufflinks.

A Stone of Many Colors

Topaz was thought to only be yellow for hundreds of years, and took its name from the island it was first thought to be mined on, Topazios (now known as St. John’s Island) in the Red Sea.  Topaz is actually colorless, and gains whatever color it has from naturally occuring impurities.  The stones that were mined on Topazios all those years ago most likely weren’t even actually topaz!


Both of these November birthstone can be made into affordable yet dazzling options from pendants to brooches to rings and cufflinks, and Hemming Plaza Jewelers can find you just what you are looking for.  Come by our shop at Hemming Plaza and see for yourself!

October’s Dual Birthstones

A Tale Of Two Birthstones

October is one of the best months for birthstones.  Not one, but two gems are considered to be representatives for October birthstones.  Both stones are beautiful examples of the diverse spectrum of colors that make up the palette for all gemstones.  In fact, they are both rooted in rainbow lore.  Let’s learn a little more about Opal and Tourmaline, October’s colorful co-birthstones.

The Aussie Connection

Opals are known mostly for the way they diffuse light and create a shimmering display of colors.  This fantastic show of brilliance has given the opal a treasured place throughout history.  Ancient Australian aboriginal peoples believed that these gems were left behind in the footprints of a rainbow.  And since the mid-1800’s, Australia is responsible for approximately 95% of the global opal supply, so maybe they are on to something.  

Soaring Toward The Heavens From Egypt’s Depths

Tourmaline also has rainbow-related lore attached to its creation.  The ancient Egyptians believed that tourmaline achieved it’s radiant array of colors because it snuck through a rainbow on its way up through the depths of the Earth.  This gem has been revered for centuries by cultures around the globe.  In fact, the Chinese were so enamored by the gem that when its government collapsed in the early 20th century, it crashed the global tourmaline market.

Get Yours Here

If you or a loved one has an October birthday, look no further than Hemming Plaza Jewelers to satisfy your opal & tourmaline needs!  With a huge variety of birthstone-specific pieces available, Hemming Plaza Jewelers has got you covered!  And even if you aren’t looking for something that is birthstone related, the volume and quality of wearable art that is available is truly staggering.  World-class craftsmanship at prices that won’t leave you penniless.  Come by the shop today and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.    

Fall Jewelry Trends

Fall has officially arrived and with it comes the newest trends straight from the runways in Paris to your favorite place in Jacksonville to find the pieces you won’t find anywhere else, Hemming Plaza Jewelers!  Here are some of the looks we loved enough to share with you here.


Oversized Hoops are back and beautiful! A timeless classic that has come and gone over the years, stretched and doubled-up hoops are back on the list of must haves for this season’s fearless fashionistas.


Monogram madness is in full swing this year.  Logos and branding is everywhere you look this year, from brooches to necklaces and even earrings.  Wear your heart on your sleeve and your initials around your neck this year and rule the roost when you’re out and about!


Unique One-offs are the perfect way to flaunt your flash and your personal style.  Find your inspiration in our immense inventory, or have us make something that fits only you and your eclectic taste!

Hemming Plaza Jewelers is the home for any and all styles of jewelry to give you the glow that will light up the Fall this year.  Whether it’s a high society evening or a day at the beach, we can offer you the unique piece that will perfectly complete your personal style.  Come in and see what we’ve got waiting for you today!  

Sapphire: September’s Birthstone

September boasts one of the most radiant and regal of all the birthstones, the sapphire.  And lucky for you, Hemming Plaza Jewelers has this beautiful precious gem available in a variety of settings and pieces that will celebrate the birthday of your loved one with the style and grace that the noble sapphire represents.




Traditionally, most people associate sapphires with the a rich, royal blue color.  But sapphires can be found across the entire spectrum of colors, with the exception of red.  That color of gem is reserved for a cousin of the sapphire, or perhaps more aptly in this case, the red-headed stepchild of this particular gemological family and birthstone for July: the ruby.


Sapphires are also considered to be on of the traditional cardinal gem varieties.  Other members of this prestigious circle of heirloom precious stones include:






Also, because the sapphire is one of the hardest minerals (behind only diamonds and moissanite on the Mohs scale), sapphires have many practical applications beyond being purely ornamental.  Fortunately for you, we’ve chosen only the most beautiful and radiant sapphires to create our custom pieces.  Stop by Hemming Plaza Jewelers and see what we have for the sapphire lover in your life today!

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Rose gold has been a reappearing fashion trend since the early 19th century. Radiating a timeless yet modern appeal, rose gold jewelry is very much back as a 21st century fashion staple. Here’s a little history on this trendy accessory look. We’re sure rose gold will swoon the jewelry-lover in you!

“Russian Gold”Rose Gold Hemming Plaza Jewelers

Rose gold was first introduced in Russia during the 19th century. This mix of copper and traditional yellow gold became a must-have in Russian fashion; hence the stem of its nickname, “Russian Gold.”

Mid-Victorian Era

Amid the Victorian Era in Europe, rose gold made its second debut. Symbols of compassion and romance were sought, and the pink-hued metal was quickly turned to for such expression. Rose Gold jewelry became a highly desirable and iconic jewelry trend during this time.


White gold, rose gold, and traditional yellow gold all intertwined into a single band. The Trinity Band designed by French jeweler, Louis-François Cartier, was the rekindling of rose gold in the fashion industry. This signature piece was created in 1924 by Cartier, which resulted in Cartier’s booming success in jewelry. Cartier made a name for himself and brought back the love of rose gold.

War Zone

During the time of World War II, platinum was considered vital to war efforts, and was even prohibited by some countries from being used by citizens. Gold and rose gold instantly made a comeback, defining the jewelry trends within this time. Rose gold became a very common alternative to platinum among jewelry enthusiasts.

A Modern Love

The 90’s took a break from rose gold with their minimalist fashion trends and looked to silver and white gold pieces to accentuate their current taste in fashion. However, rose gold has once again proved it’s never going out of style. Today in fashion, rose gold plays the middle-man between traditional and modern touch. Rose gold has made such an impact on current trends, the metal is now a leading look in other products like the iPhone and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

Whether you’re looking for classic and timeless, or modern and flashy, rose gold jewelry is definitely the hottest trend in the industry right now. Rose gold looks good on any skin tone, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Get your rose gold piece today at Hemming Plaza Jewelers!

Timeless Jewelry

A white button-down, a little black dress and nude heels; they’re a staple that every woman’s closet needs to have. A  woman’s jewelry box should be the same way. Jewelry adds the finishing touch to a perfect outfit, and there are some pieces that you just shouldn’t live without.


Hemming Plaza Jewelers Timeless Jewelry

It’s not just your grandmother’s jewelry. There is something about pearls that exudes sophistication, elegance and femininity. No woman should go without these in their jewelry box. Pearls are a collectible piece and will flatter at any age. Pearl necklaces draw subtle attention to your neckline without being overbearing. Pearls are a refreshing piece of jewelry that have consistently remained a part of the fashion industry year in and year out. When in doubt, look no further than pearls!


Diamond Earrings

Versatility defines diamonds. You can rock any look with a pair of diamond earrings. Looking for a high-end option? Choose diamond dangle earrings. Looking for a more classy-casual statement? Diamond studs. No matter the occasion, there is a pair of diamond earrings to match. You can never go wrong with classics, which is why every woman must own a pair of diamond earrings.

Cuff Bracelet

A flashy cuff bracelet is the perfect bold touch to define your style. Cuff bracelets have survived every fashion trend. From ancient royalty, to the studded leather cuffs of the 1970’s, there’s a cuff bracelet design for you. Find a cuff bracelet that fits your personality, and we guarantee you’ll never want to take it off.

Simple Rings

Delicate bands are a simple and stylish way to complete any look. You can stack a few on one finger, or distribute them among both hands. Show off your style by expressing your own way to wear this accessory.

These jewelry pieces can be as versatile as you want! Layer rings for a dramatic look or wear a single pearl necklace for a more subtle and classy approach.  Having these jewelry necessities will save you plenty of time and money. Find all of your go-to jewelry at Hemming Plaza!

This Summer’s Jewelry Trends

Poolside with the ladies or a barbecue with the family, the summertime is filled with lively adventure. Be the life of the party at any of your outings with the hottest summer jewelry trends. There’s never a bad time to add a little ice to a hot summer day!

gold jewelry with a rose

Get the hottest jewelry at Hemming Plaza Jewelers

Hoop Earrings

They say fashion repeats itself, and hoop earrings are definitely making a comeback. This revived 90’s fashion trend is a current celebrity favorite. Hoops draw attention to your facial features by highlighting your jaw and cheekbones, and it a versatile piece overall. Casual or dressy, hoop earrings are a great go-to.

Layered Necklaces

A fresh and romantic look, layering necklaces are a compliment to your low-cut summer blouses. Go soft and feminine with subtle gold chains, or make a bold statement and add a choker to the mix.

Rose Gold

Rose gold jewelry has made a resurgence from its classic times and there are no regrets. Rose gold compliments your summer tans! Jazz up your summer wardrobe by adding some rose gold pieces and hit the town in style.

Stacked Rings

It’s all about the layers! This jewelry trend allows each of us to add our own unique look to our favorite summer outfits. Mix and match different metals, and don’t forget to add the midi rings for a modern touch!

These fashion statements are bound to liven up your next beach outing or summer bonfire. Cool off your

summers by adding these hottest jewelry trends to your wardrobe!

Caring For Your Wedding Ring

That left hand band symbolizes an important person in your life, and a very important promise!  It’s easy to forget to maintain your wedding ring, however durable it may be. We’ve answered three very important questions we hear from customers about keeping your wedding ring looking its best!


How often should I clean my wedding ring?

wedding rings from hemming plaza jewelers

Hemming Plaza Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL – wedding rings and bridal sets

Like most women, you probably wear your ring everyday. To ensure a long life, it’s vital to clean your ring around once a week. Everyday substances like hairspray, lotion and soap accumulate under the diamond and stick to its surfaces, dulling its shine and affecting its stability. Take care of your ring and give it a good cleaning every week!

Can I clean my ring myself?

Absolutely! There are plenty of simple at-home care remedies to preserve your ring’s perfect condition! Keyword: SIMPLE. Stay away from harsh chemicals and temperatures that could damage your wedding ring.

Use lukewarm water and a gentle dish soap. Mix the two together and let the ring sit for 10 minutes. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to scrub the ring and to reach the underneath surfaces of its stones. Rinse and dry, then your ring it bright, shiny, and ready to be shown off again!

Can I wear my ring during exercise?

Wedding rings are a very delicate piece of jewelry. It is best during any physical activity to take the ring off and store it somewhere safe. Your significant other will appreciate you protecting the ring more than you wearing it to your next tennis match!


all, bring your ring to a specialist at least yearly, to inspect and professionally clean your piece. The promise behind the wedding ring is an everlasting relationship. Make sure the ring lasts just as long as your marriage!

Summer Jewelry

Summer is a great time for jewelry

Summer Jewelry Hemming Plaza Jewelers

Get the hottest trends in jewelry this summer at Hemming Plaza Jewelers

As you wear fewer layers of clothing, you can put on more layers of gems, silver and gold! Some summer essentials that you weren’t able to show off in the winter months are toe rings and anklets. As you switch from boots to sandals, make sure to accessorize accordingly. You can go with simple silver or gold anklets, or spice things up with mixed metals, fun gems and charms! Another great summer accessory is nautical themed jewelry. Nothing says “summer” like the ocean on the horizon and the sand beneath your toes. Look for jewelry inspired by the open ocean with popular sea life motifs or designs with sailboats, rope patterns and anchors.

If your colors are bright, you’re doing it right

Remember that summer is all about bright colors, so opt for yellow gold and colorful gemstones. Keep your jewelry selection light and fun. Yellow gold bangles, rings and necklaces will really bring out your newly sun-kissed skin after a long, cold winter. Say goodbye to the dark and pale tones of winter, it’s time to get excited about colorful gems. If you really love to sparkle, look into gem clusters. They offer a variety of stones and colors all in one piece!

Make us your summer jewelry destination

Let Hemming Plaza Jewelers be your one-stop-shop for summer jewelry. Find the perfect shade of gold or silver for your skin tone to highlight your fresh summer glow! “Seas” the day with our sunny selection of nautical summer staples. Remem

ber, now is your chance to accessorize in the places where you couldn’t during the winter months. Opt for toe rings, anklets, bangles and bright colors. It’s time to find those unique jewelry pieces that sparkle and shine just like you!

Going Vintage

Do you desire a piece of jewelry that looks like it’s a period piece from the early 20th century, or even something like your mother used to wear?  Well, your ship has come in!  We at Hemming Plaza Jewelers specialize in creating custom pieces of jewelry.  Going vintage is very trendy these days, so what better way to set yourself apart than by having a custom piece of jewelry made just for you, just the way you want it.  Bring in a photo, or an older piece of jewelry and we can craft virtually anything you’d like to your specifications.  If you can dream it, we can do it.  As a matter of fact, we love to do it, so come see us before the holidays and get your custom piece today!