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Give The Gift Of Jewelry

This holiday season, give the gift of jewelry.  As most of you know, this time of year is synonymous with shopping.  Some people will be knocking down doors in hopes of getting a TV for a low, low price, while some will patiently wait for Cyber Monday.  Instead of high end electronics that often need to be replaced every so many years, this year we’re recommending the gift of jewelry.  It’s a timeless gift, and probably the only type of gift where the giver doesn’t mind if, at a later point in time, you re-gift it to someone else in the family.  Let’s face it, bread makers make poor heirlooms.

Cyber Monday Shopping

Did you know that we have an online liquidation link at our Hemming Plaza Jewelers website? There’s a massive inventory of items that sometimes you don’t see in our store. This is perfect for those of you who likes to shop online and take advantage of Cyber Monday. Shop at the convenience of your home, office, or even when you’re on the go.

Items on this page are only available for online purchase. There’s no need to call the store. These items will ship directly from our wholesale vendor and they will handle your transactions and check out. Please use the shopping cart for your convenience. Just click on the link enjoy shopping. http://gldemostore.infomedia.com/hemming