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Hemming Plaza Jewelers


Here you will find a small sample of the pendants you will find at Hemming Plaza Jewelers. Stop in the store to check out our entire collection or speak with one of our jewelry designers to find out how we can create a custom jewelry piece just for you.



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Canadian Rocks

PT3160 PT3162 PT3174 PT3175 PT3176 PT3177 PT3178 PT3179 PT3180 PT3181 PT3182 PT3213

Hershey’s Kisses

kiss01 kiss02 kiss03 kiss04 kiss05 kiss10 kiss15 kiss16kiss-apr kiss-aug kiss-dec kiss-feb kiss-jan kiss-jul kiss-jun kiss-mar kiss-may kiss-nov kiss-oct kiss-sep

Sweethearts Candy Sterling Silver with Enamel

sweet01 sweet02 sweet03 sweet04 sweet05 sweet06 sweet07 sweet08 sweet09 sweet10 sweet11 sweet12 sweet13 sweet14 sweet15 sweet16

Sweethearts Candy 14K Gold over Sterling Silver with Diamonds

sweet17 sweet18 sweet19 sweet20 sweet21 sweet22 sweet23 sweet24


monogram01    monogram05    monogram09    monogram13    monogram17

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