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Gold Buying

Whether things didn’t work out or you’re just cleaning the jewelry box, you deserve to get what you want and avoid what you don’t when selling your diamonds.

We buy diamonds from .10 ct and above specializing in 2.0 carat diamonds and higher. If you have an appraisal, we can provide a soft quote over the phone. Please call for appointments and bring necessary paperwork.

Selling your diamonds is as simple as…

  1. Call for appointment
  2. Consult with our appraisers
  3. Get paid discreetly and fast

Visit Hemming Plaza Jewelers to sell your unwanted gold, silver, platinum and diamonds for the highest price in town. We buy diamonds ranging from .10ct and up and specialize in 2.0 ct and higher.

Follow these steps and get cash for your gold:

1. Bring in your unwanted or broken jewelry to our store.

2. We will test your jewelry and provide a professional quote based on current market price.

3. Get paid CASH for your jewelry.

Gold Prices Chart

Silver Prices Chart

Platinum Prices Chart


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