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Selling Your Gold – Tips & Benefits

Selling Your Gold - Tips & BenefitsDo you want to know how to sell your gold and get fair value for it? ABC News recommends that you know your buyer, a suggestion that is probably impossible with mail-away services. The Better Business Bureau keeps a list of gold buyers in Jacksonville that you can check for complaints from unhappy customers. Selling gold for profit requires a bit of knowledge, but you can quickly learn what you need to know.

Learning: Tips and Benefits

As a convenient path to a financial transaction, selling your old jewelry can give you the benefit of ready cash. Getting rid of broken pieces or gifts that no longer have an emotional significance for you can boost your spirit and pad your wallet. Learn how to sell your gold by knowing its value, its market price, and how buyers evaluate it.

Identifying the Karats

You may need a magnifying glass to find a karat stamp that tells you how much gold your jewelry contains. Guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission use a 24-part weight system for gold. Your jewelry contains 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 or 24 karats of gold. A piece that carries a stamp of 18 karats has 18 parts gold and six parts of another metal. Higher karats increase the value of your jewelry.

Watching the Scale

Reputable jewelers weigh and pay for your gold by grams instead of pennyweight.

Sorting by Karats

Make sure to group your jewelry by purity. Prior to letting gold buyers weigh your precious metal, make sure to separate the more valuable pieces from those of lesser value.

Checking the Market

Go online to sites like to get the current gold price.

Shopping for Competitive Prices

Selling gold gives you an opportunity to get prices from jewelers, buyers at gold parties and pawn shops, and you can request a free estimate of its value. Taking the time to shop around gives you the chance to get the best price for your gold. Kiplinger suggests that you may receive 80 percent or less of melt value. The price that you get includes your dealer’s profit and the expense of turning your old gold into bullion or new jewelry.

Finding Gold Buyers

Jewelers who hope to establish a good relationship with you as a new customer may give you the fairest price. Pawn shops may never see you again, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of a one-time deal. Gold parties may offer a convenient way to dispose of your old jewelry, but the excitement of the group may prevent you from making a wise decision.

As a regular customer of a reputable store, you can have confidence in your business relationship. Knowing how to sell your gold is probably easier than you may imagine. You can check the Internet for jewelers near you, ask your friends, or stop by Hemmings Plaza Jewelers for a free estimate and cash for your gold.

April Birthstone: Creative ways to wear diamonds

April Birthstone: Creative ways to wear diamondsIf you have an April birthday, you’ll be thrilled to learn that your birthstone is one of the most popular, beloved stones in the world—the diamond. Of course, diamonds are universally lauded for their beauty and trademark sparkle. However, April babies who maintain a more unconventional sense of style sometimes will claim that diamonds are for more mainstream types. This misconception can even be seen in the classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, in which Audrey Hepburn’s character claims that it’s tacky for women to wear diamonds before they’re 40.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Diamond jewelry pieces are classics for a reason; they manage to look incredible at all kinds of events and in an array of settings. After all, the diamond is believed to be one of the most ancient items on the entire planet, making it the true definition of a classic. If you are lucky enough to have been born in April, you can learn how to appreciate all of the unique ways in which these special gemstones can be used in jewelry—or even learn to bedazzle other items in your wardrobe with the help of a diamond or two.

Diamond brooches have become popular again in the past few years. From catwalks to red carpets, many hot young stars have been seen sporting this diamond jewelry in cool and unconventional new ways. If you have an April birthday, you may want to explore different ways in which Granny’s diamond brooch can be put to good use.

Diamond sunglasses are also all the rage right now, and a pair of these sparkling shades was even included in the most recent Academy Awards swag bag. There’s nothing like a diamond or two to light up your face with some sparkle while it’s also being shaded from the sun.

Indeed, if you want to jazz up your April birthstone you should think outside of the box when contemplating how to fit this gorgeous gemstone into your life. By using a diamond in unexpected ways, you could become a style sensation. There are also so many different colors of these gems from which to choose: the canary diamond is known for its stunning beauty, and of course the Hope Diamond is famous for its deep blue hue. People often forget that diamonds come in a wide variety of beautiful colors, so if you have an April birthday, you can luxuriate in the practically infinite possibilities your birthstone affords you. Whether it’s a diamond nose ring or ear cuff, there are a multitude of ways to show off your April birthday pride by wearing these stunning sparklers.

Men’s Watch Trends in 2016

Men's Watch Trends in 2016The trend in men’s watches for 2016 is toward technology and style. A number of famous wrist wear brands are adding smart and connected timepieces to their lines. [2] Besides the new watches’ technical capabilities, these devices are turning into fashion centerpieces. Here are some characteristics to consider and a sample of the latest and greatest men’s watches available.

Customization is Key

In the past, many men wore engraved watches. However, 2016 is going even further into the world of personalization. Watches are being introduced with interchangeable straps in a variety of colors and materials. For instance, Farer markets timepieces with black mesh, silicone, and silver and gold choices. [1] Other companies are offering the ability to customize a watch’s face or chronograph markers.

Is Bigger Still Better?

For years, men’s watches were extremely large and bulky. The newer pieces are getting smaller. Many designers feel enormous watch faces are not elegant and have an outdated appearance. Most brands are now marketing watches under 42 millimeters. To remain on trend, a man might consider switching to a watch with a classic dial and a slim case and strap.

White Metal is Hot

2016 is the year for white gold and similar metals, which have distinctive masculine looks. White metal gives a polished and sophisticated appearance that is more rugged than yellow or rose gold.

Smart Technology

As more and more individuals crave technology, wristwatches with connective capabilities will be one of the biggest trends for 2016. Even though Google Glass and the Apple Watch did not launch to tremendous success, wrist tech is catching on and will increase in the current year and beyond.

Newest Watches for 2016

In November 2015, Tag Heuer announced it would release a smartwatch. Its “Carrera Connected” sold out almost immediately, but more are scheduled to ship throughout 2016. It is branded as a luxury device that does not look like an ordinary smartwatch, but offers tech capabilities that will propel the brand into the future. [#link44] The Carrera Connected starts at $1,500.

Citizen has also launched a new watch called the Promaster Navihawk GPS. The most notable innovation, here, is the eco-drive technology. There is no battery to replace, and all power comes from the sun. The watch boosts the quickest signal reception from GPS satellites as well. Its “super titanium” makeup is five times harder than stainless steel. [3] Also included are a rotating bezel, chronograph, perpetual calendar and dual time options.

It appears 2016 will be an exciting year for the time-keeping industry. Men’s watches will see the convergence of technology and function. Wrist wear will play an important part of fashion, as well. Thanks to available customization options, a man will be able to create a piece that speaks to his true personality and style. To select the perfect watch for 2016, visit Hemming Plaza Jewelers. We offer the newest designs from the quality brands you recognize and trust.



Top Jewelry Trends for 2016


Top Jewelry Trends for 2016Certain pieces of jewelry are timeless and are always in style. Others come and go as jewelry trends wax and wane. The 2016 trends, at least in the early part of the year, range from silver chains that harken to the industrial revolution to simple headbands by Chanel and Gucci.

Building on the headband style, other designers, such as Hedi Slimane and Nicolas Ghesquière, have crafted tiaras that are designed to impress. This juxtaposition between a grungy, industrial look and a delicate princess appearance revitalizes the 2016 trends. In between these two extremes, other styles are making their presence known. Wooden jewelry from Alberta Ferretti is stunning in its stark plainness.

When admirers catch sight of the newest earrings to hit the runway, they might think jewelry trends have taken a left turn back to the 1960s. The pop art style of the newest earrings from Missoni, Marni and others would look right at home in a Warhol or Johns painting. After being out-of-style for years, chokers seem to be making a comeback, especially in solid gold. Pearls, too, are maintaining their place as a timeless fashion statement; Chanel expertly combined them with the choker resurgence. Dior paired gemstones with a silk choker to put a different spin on the “comeback style of the year.”

As far as colors are concerned, black and white seem to be the favorites this year. This preference has led designers to craft pieces inspired by the art deco style of the 1930s. In the 21st century, rhodium provides designers with the black they seek, and both enamel and white gold provide the opposite. In many cases, one of the two colors is dominant in the latest pieces, with the opposite color accentuating the primary color.

Large earrings, many of which are asymmetrical, highlight 2016 jewelry trends. These earrings offer bold splashes of color even against the basic black and white of other pieces. Many celebrities are combining two or more of these styles, such as solid-gold chokers, gigantic green earrings, black jackets and white lace bodices.

All in all, the theme of most 2016 trends seems to be to combine that which is different. Secondarily, old ideas are coming back and joining new ideas to form an interesting palate of choices. Against all this balance, asymmetry makes a bold statement that keeps each new look as fresh, or fresher, than the next.


March Birthstone, Aquamarine, Has Interesting History


Aquamarine is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversariesWhen it comes to birthstones, few are as dazzling, symbolic and eye-catching as the March birthstone, aquamarine. This gemstone boasts a fascinating past, and its stunning appearance is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The March birthstone possesses an exotic and interesting history.

For a long time, aquamarine was used as an amulet by sailors and those who wanted to protect loved ones who were out exploring the open sea. Some crafty sailors would even carve Neptune, the god of the sea, into their stones for even more good luck. It was believed that the light greenish blue shade would calm the ocean waters, making them placid and easy to pass.

This wasn’t the only way that aquamarine has been used for supernatural purposes. At one time, people believed that this beautiful March birthstone had the capacity to cure all kinds of illnesses, from heart disease to a sour stomach. Those who wanted to invoke the magical powers of aquamarine would simply soak the stone in some water and then drink the water in which the stone had been sitting. There was also lore about aquamarine protecting those who were engaged in battle, as well as making the person who wore it very calm and even-tempered.

Nowadays, of course, aquamarine is used for more decorative purposes. Those who have a March birthday are often enthusiastic to buy jewelry that features their special aquamarine birthstone. Used in a multitude of designs, from cocktail rings to elegant necklaces, aquamarine has a way of capturing the attention of a crowd. Aquamarine is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries.

In the past few years, aquamarine jewelry has made a resurgence, showing up on the necks, wrists and fingers of A-list celebrities. Women tend to be particularly thrilled by this stone, which complements a variety of different eye colors and skin tones. It is versatile in the way it can be cut and even looks good in its natural state, which is rare.

Perhaps it is not surprising that this exotic stone can be found in an array of diverse places all over the world, from Brazil to Mozambique and Pakistan. In Pakistan, miners even ascend to 15,000 feet in order to pluck the precious stone from the earth.

Going Vintage

Do you desire a piece of jewelry that looks like it’s a period piece from the early 20th century, or even something like your mother used to wear?  Well, your ship has come in!  We at Hemming Plaza Jewelers specialize in creating custom pieces of jewelry.  Going vintage is very trendy these days, so what better way to set yourself apart than by having a custom piece of jewelry made just for you, just the way you want it.  Bring in a photo, or an older piece of jewelry and we can craft virtually anything you’d like to your specifications.  If you can dream it, we can do it.  As a matter of fact, we love to do it, so come see us before the holidays and get your custom piece today!

Give Your Graduate The Gift Of Jewelry

This time of year, everyone’s mind is on the events of the holiday season.  Don’t forget those college graduates that generally receive their degrees this time of year.  Companies like Jostens have cornered the market on things like class rings, but why not give your graduate the gift of jewelry this holiday season.  We offer custom one-of-a-kind pieces that they’ll remember forever.  The great thing about jewelry is that it’s too precious to casually discard, and it usually invokes a fond memory of the person that purchased the piece for you.  For example, Rolex is held in high regard in the timepiece industry.  It is so prolific that once purchased, it is likely to be handed down for multiple generations.  I know you’re thinking that a watch isn’t practical in the digital age, but someday your college graduate may be a business professional, and a Rolex is not just a conversation starter, but adds sophistication to any occasion.  This year, give the gift of jewelry and let this moment, this memory live for eternity.

December Birthstones

If you like blue, you’re in luck.  December has 3 birthstones associated with it, all of which are absolutely stunning.

Tanzanite, as its name implies, was originally discovered in Tanzania.  An early substitute for the more expensive sapphire, tanzanite has come into its own in recent years to possess a beauty all its own.  Though far less common, those stones with a bit of violet color accenting the deep blue are more treasured among tanzanite enthusiasts.

The second of the December birthstones is zircon.  Though its etymology suggests Arabic origins, it comes largely from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  Most people are probably familiar with the colorless variant of zircon which was used as an inexpensive substitute for diamonds, but zircon is found in every color of the rainbow.  As folklore would have it, zircon also has the unique ability to ward off disease and injury.

Lastly, there is turquoise.  Cherished in the American Southwest and often found adorning bracelets and necklaces, turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones.  Although it is known for it’s pale blue color, it can also appear greenish blue as well.  Turquoise is a more plentiful gemstone and can be found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Give The Gift Of Jewelry

This holiday season, give the gift of jewelry.  As most of you know, this time of year is synonymous with shopping.  Some people will be knocking down doors in hopes of getting a TV for a low, low price, while some will patiently wait for Cyber Monday.  Instead of high end electronics that often need to be replaced every so many years, this year we’re recommending the gift of jewelry.  It’s a timeless gift, and probably the only type of gift where the giver doesn’t mind if, at a later point in time, you re-gift it to someone else in the family.  Let’s face it, bread makers make poor heirlooms.

November Birthstones

According to the American Gem Society, there are two November appropriate gems, topaz and citrine.  At first glance, neither of these is probably your favorite gem, but perhaps it would interest you to know that imperial topaz was worn by the Russian Czars of the 19th century, so even if it doesn’t reflect your favorite color, at least it was once worn by royalty.

In olden days, topaz was used to designate any gemstone with a yellow hue.  Nowadays, however, you can find topaz in a wide array of colors like pink, purple, and blue.  Citrine, the second of the two November birthstones, is often confused with topaz, but in fact, is an entirely different mineral altogether.  Topaz, specifically blue and pink topaz is more popular, but we say, “Dare to be different”.  So embrace your unique gemstones and wear them proudly!

Thanksgiving Jewelry

If you read our last blog, you know we discussed holiday jewelry.  You may be thinking, “What about Thanksgiving”.  It wasn’t an oversight.  Thanksgiving’s roots reside in more Puritanical times, where any kind of adornment would probably lead to reprimand for being too gaudy or ostentatious.  Times have indeed changed and there’s no social construct that would forbid you from wearing any kind of Thanksgiving jewelry, but Thanksgiving is often thought of as a more casual gathering.  Maybe this is because you’re surrounded by familiar faces, or it could be that you’re about to fill yourself to the brim with turkey and all the trimmings and you want to be as comfortable as possible; oftentimes just jeans and a nice shirt will suffice.  However, even though Thanksgiving isn’t known for its dazzling display of fine jewelry, we’d like to encourage you to think outside the box and be that one fashion forward person that really “wows” when you’re handing that gravy boat to Uncle Steve.  Happy holidays.

Holiday Jewelry

Halloween was not long ago, and soon, Christmas will be upon us.  We all go to parties or social functions this time of year, but those two holidays, specifically, are very different from one another.  Halloween is much more casual so maybe you’re shopping for some costume jewelry, whether it’s for a get together, or a costume party that you need a Dracula medallion for.

Christmas always seems to be a little more formal.  Winter, in general, seems to exude a little more elegance.  People wear bold red colors accented with gold jewelry.  Some business functions around this time of year can get pretty formal, and rightfully so.  December, or your holiday party, may be the one time each year that everyone mingles amongst one another, and new business may develop as a result.  Therefore, everyone wants to look their best.  For men, this means wearing those cufflinks, nice watches, and rings.  For the ladies, you’re probably wearing a nice dress, have your hair up, and you’re wearing a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, and a ring or two.

So, whether you’re having a howling good time at your Halloween bash and need some costume jewelry for additional authenticity, or you need to be dressed to the nines for an upcoming Christmas party, be sure you have the right jewelry.

Jewelers Becoming More Sophisticated

As the world becomes smaller due to an evolving global marketplace, so too must jewelers, even on a local level, become more sophisticated.  Whether supply or demand rises, the industry must remain flexible.  As Patrice Nordey, CEO of a consultancy group said, “The jewelry industry must figure out how to recognize a person as a single customer across borders”.  Now, more than ever, your marketing strategy in one country could affect your business in another country, especially with the growing middle class in China, Japan, and even as close as Canada.  These new times will also see a new customer take shape, a savvier customer with different expectations and perceptions of elegance and style.  Millennials are more pragmatic than their predecessors, so maybe they’re not the type to exhibit their jewelry the way their parents did, but certain situations, societal, professional, or otherwise, will dictate that a certain level of sophistication is called for, and maybe it’s that need to “look the part” at a social function that will call to them, specifically.

Investing in Diamonds

Diamonds carry a lot of meaning.  They are symbolic of everlasting love, and perhaps like your love, they can shine forever.  They’re not just for weddings or a proposal to be wed though.  Diamonds convey a sense of elegance and sophistication.  Because there is a lot of sentiment behind each diamond purchase, oftentimes customers will insist that their piece is one of a kind.   This is understandable because when something lasts forever, you want to be able to pass it down and you want that piece to be distinguishable from anyone else’s.  For this reason, many people have actually taken to investing in diamonds.  It’s a luxury good that offers a unique and durable product that can last generations.  Many people liken it to owning fine art.  Sure, you could own a Picasso, Renoir, or Monet…. but nothing shines like a diamond.

Lasting Value To Mark An Occasion

Why do people buy diamond rings?  Of course there’s the obvious tradition of engagement and wedding rings, and this time of year,  a lot of people are purchasing anniversary rings.  Why is this?  According to Gary Long, a jeweler in Stockton, California, “diamonds are considered something of lasting value to mark an occasion”.  That means that we, as consumers, feel that a diamond will endure, not just because it’s a very durable stone, but also because of the sentiment attached to a diamond ring.

Millennials are getting older now and the average gentleman that purchases a diamond engagement ring is 26.  Consumers have become more informed, shopping online and researching what type of ring they want, which means less time spent looking over a hundred rings, but also means that the customer knows exactly what they want and they are sure to get it.  The internet has revolutionized the shopping process in the sense that buyer can look on the internet and comparatively shop as opposed to going to multiple jewelers as they had to in the past.

At the end of the day, a purchase is for love of the diamond and for love of the relationship.  A diamond rings is really just a metaphor for the bond between two people.  It’s something that lasts and endures trials, tribulations, hardships, and love through generations.  It’s a keepsake that will last forever and whatever ring you have, we want it to be uniquely yours; a ring like no other.  Stop in and see us and let us help you find your forever ring that’s uniquely you.