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A Token Of Your Love

Some people wonder why the standard rule exists that a man should spend at least two month’s salary on his bride-to-be’s ring.  Consider for a moment that, not only are you going to be with this person for the rest of your life, but she will ALWAYS have this ring on her finger.  Her ring […]

The Landscape Of Diamond Consumption

It’s no secret that the United States is the world’s largest diamond consuming market with a global demand hovering just below 40 billion dollars in 2014.  However, did you know that China is the second largest diamond market even though they buy a little more than 25% of what the United States buys?  After 2008 […]

An Unexpected Source Of Diamonds?

If you’ve ever seen the movie Blood Diamond, you may be under the impression that Western Africa is the leading producer of diamonds in the world.  In fact, we asked our intern today who she thought the leading diamond producer was, and she immediately said “Sierra Leone”.  As of the end of 2014, Africa has […]

Who Knew?! Earrings And Little Plastic Discs.

From INSTOREMAG.COM A Twitter user is burning up the internet with the astonishing news that the little plastic discs on the back of inexpensive earrings can be – wait for it – removed. “After my nineteen years of living I have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off,” she reported […]

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Three Trends

From Turquoise Ask any retailer and they’ll exclaim that blue is the all-time bestselling gemstone color. For the benefit of those who haven’t gotten around to the trend report in this month’s INDESIGN, I’ll clue you in that turquoise is the variation on the color that’s getting the most attention lately. It’s a stone […]

Men Are Becoming Jewelry Collectors

From the New York Times—When Tom Fitzgerald proposed to his boyfriend Jamie Holloway in March 2014, he unveiled a ring that was a far cry from the traditional diamond solitaire. The piece, created by the London jewelry designer Hannah Martin, is a modern interpretation of a signet ring, with an octagonal-cut sapphire surrounded by emeralds […]

Are Body Chains The New Trend?

From the L.A. Times:   There is no denying the staying power of a $4,950 pair of diamond-bedecked hoop earrings by Louis Vuitton — even when they are mismatched by design. And while a pearl necklace may sound like a safe investment, we are not talking that timeless strand of cultured pearls from Tiffany & […]

High-End Jewelry Is Big Business For Celebs

From Fashionista: New York Times Fashion Director Vanessa Friedman kicked off a panel discussion at the Savannah College of Art and Design on Thursday about red carpet dressing by listing some sensational, but nonetheless true, facts. In 2006, actress Charlize Theron was paid $50,000 for wearing two pieces of Chopard to the BAFTAs, $200,000 for wearing Chopard to the […]

Women And The Artistry Of Jewelry

From the Chicago Tribune: While a bandeau-style silver crown festooned with lilacs is lovely, its creation also reflects the struggle of women to be recognized as artists. The crown, owned by the Lombard Historical Society, was transported this week to Chicago where it will go on display this year at the Richard H. Driehaus Museum. […]

21st Century Style Sees Men Wearing More Jewelry

From the New York Post: Rich and famous men have long been fond of flaunting small flashes of jewelry. A Rolex here, a ring there (a gold chain if you were in Miami). But fashion-savvy guys in Hollywood are now seriously stepping up their game — sporting delicate pieces, layering up, and co-opting styling techniques […]

For A Mother’s Day She’ll Never Forget

Mother’s Day has been an official holiday here in the United States for over 100 years.  It started with Anna Jarvis and her 500 carnations in 1908 and quickly grew to become the global celebration we know today.  All over the world, mothers are recognized and celebrated in annual fetes and showered with gifts and […]

Butterflies as a prevailing theme?

2015 might be the Year of the Goat, but in jewelry, fashion, and home décor, it’s the butterfly that has wings. Beginning in early January at the Vicenza fair and continuing through the winter shows, butterfly collections have been the motif of the season. In fashion, we’ve seen butterflies winging their way in for awhile. […]

Valentine’s Sale!

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