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Your May Birthstone – Emerald!

If your birthdate falls within the month of May, you’re lucky enough to be associated with one of the truly spectacular gemstones, the emerald. Emeralds and their bold green hue are revered by royals and celebrities alike. Some of the most well-known emerald jewelry belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and was accented by platinum and diamonds.

Emeralds belong to the beryl family. This group also consists of aquamarine and morganite gemstones. Emeralds are most commonly found in Colombia, but can be found in South America as a whole, as well as a few other locations around the world. It’s name is a Greek derivative that literally means green, which is fitting since a lot of people associate May with a time of the year that really starts greening up outside before summer. Emeralds are included stones, meaning the internal marks are visible. The deeper green the emerald, and the clearer it is, the more valuable they are.

Royalty and emeralds go hand in hand. When you think of crown jewels, you typically think of gold, but when you think of the precious stones that adorn each item, you probably think of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Cleopatra is said to have cherished emeralds above all other stones during her reign, and even owned all of the mines.

As with most gemstones, it was thought in antiquity that they possessed special powers. While that may not be true, emeralds were no exception at the time and were thought to cure a number of ailments, as well as calm the wearer.

The Fan Trend

We’re on the cusp of another beautiful spring here on the first coast, and that means lighter styles and the chance to show everyone the shine in your collection. From head to toe, this time of year brings out our favorite looks and scratches our itch to catch up on the latest style trends for the spring.

You may have noticed the fan earring popping up recently, but it is not a new style. The fan shape in general has been a sign of beauty and style, both socially and ceremonially, for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Indian, Chinese and all the way back to ancient Egyptian cultures have incorporated the fan shape to invoke mystery, royalty, and style across society from the richest to the poorest.

Nowadays, celebrities can be found on red carpets everywhere sporting the fabulous fan, in their hands, on their clutches, and hanging from their ears. Natalie Portman and Jangle Monáe were both wearing fan earrings to the recent SAG awards. Janelle Monáe wore a pair of Nikos Koulis emerald-studded fan earrings, and Natalie Portman wore a vintage Tiffany & Co fan earring set.

Though Portman went for the vintage look, there are several modern fan styles on the market. And while celebs can get the hook-up on jewelry, especially if they’re wearing them on red carpet events and world premiers, you don’t need a superstar agent or movie star level pull to get a great pair of earrings at an excellent price.

Hemming Plaza Jewelers can even create a custom fan style that can give you that red carpet look without the red carpet cost. Come by our showroom and see what we have to offer you. Styles and prices that can meet your unique needs and you can walk out wearing something you’ll love!

2017 Jewelry Trends

Trends change all the time, and in the fast-paced world of jewelry and fashion, you want to be able to stay on top of the times as they change.

For all of you Generation X’ers out there, you’ll be happy to know that bold 80’s style earrings have made a comeback (now if you only had a reason to use that hair crimper again…). Big gold hoop earrings, or dangles are making their way back and becoming a must-have for a night out. These pieces are versatile too. They can be worn with a cocktail dress at a formal function or just a night out with the girls.

Enamel has made a comeback and a modern take on an old classic. Enamel provides a splash of color and texture to an otherwise homogenous piece of jewelry. As art goes, oftentimes so does the world of fashion and jewelry design. As long as this remains hot in the world of art, you can expect it to remain trendy in the world of jewelry.

Pearls, the longtime standby for a pinch of elegance and formality, have recently been worn in new and interesting ways, really pushing the envelope and getting away from that stigma that pearls were just something your mother wore.

Charm bracelets in the past may have opened the door for charm necklaces to get a foot in the door. The same general principle applies, but when someone speaks to you, they’re more apt to look you in the face and your neckline is more obvious than your wrist so it’s not wonder that these necklaces have taken off.

Heart-shaped jewelry has captured an older audience. No longer just for children, some heart designs have captured the imagination of innovators in the jewelry industry and it has paid off because women are wearing them more and more often.

This year is all about shape and geometry. Today’s designs emphasize more angularity and less ovals and circles. Polygonal designs with rhombi, trapezoids, octagons, and hexagons, or things with sharp, distinct angles are trending.

Trends change all the time and we do our best to stay abreast of them when they do change. You can rest assured that if we don’t have what you want, we can always design a custom piece for you.

April Birthstone – Diamonds!

April doesn’t offer much in the way of exciting holidays. In fact, it’s become synonymous with rainy weather that yields beautiful results in May, but we believe April is more than merely the precursor to May. So for those of your fortunate enough to be born in the fourth month of the year, you get to reap the rewards of diamonds. That’s right, the most coveted birthstone in the calendar year is yours!

Diamonds have some very unique properties. Diamonds exhibit legendary toughness and rates all the way at the top on the hardness scale. In fact, the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. The diamond is also beautifully simplistic, made from only one element, carbon. Diamonds also have a fantastic luster when polished, probably more so than almost any other gemstone out there, so these babies can really sparkle.

Lately, color enhanced or naturally colored diamonds have been in vogue. Sure, everyone thinks of them for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries, but if you decide to go color neutral, diamonds are perfect to wear each and every day to add a sense of sophistication and style to any wardrobe choice.

So to all you lucky people that were born in April, hold your heads high and shine bright like the diamond you are.